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Personally authenticated items directly from your favorite celebrities. The future of memorabilia and talent empowerment.

What is Drippy?

Drippy is the first marketplace allowing fans to purchase personally authenticated items directly from their favorite talent.

Our Mission

At Drippy, our core values are centered around empowering talent and giving back. We enable talent to seamlessly build and monetize their brand while giving back to charity. With Drippy, everybody wins – talent, fans, and those most in need.

Why it Matters for Talent?

At Drippy, we see the world differently. Today, there is no centralized platform where talent can receive market value for their personal items and likeness.

Drippy fixes this and shifts the power back to the talent. We provide a platform for talent to monetize every piece of their brand, receive uncapped passive income, and engage directly with fans. And the best part – we do not require your time – Drippy handles all logistics and distribution!

Why it Matters for Fans?

For fans, Drippy provides access to exclusive items with a seamless authentication process. There is no longer a need to outsource authentication to third parties – a currently painful, costly, and time-intensive process. With Drippy, fans now have a trusted, centralized source of truth. On Drippy, fans can now engage with their favorite celebrities for exclusive drops, know exactly where items are coming from, and share a piece of your favorite celebrity’s life.

Personal Items From Your Favorite Celebrities

Personal Items From Your Favorite Celebrities

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